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Hire us to make sure the job gets done - on time, within budget, safely, with top quality.
We ensure to our clients that the work is performed in accordance to the project drawings and specifications :

  • Providing Quality and Professional site management and supervision crow.  
  • Full service of construction monitoring and controls, with a slant to the practical and the understanding that the job must keep moving.
  • Coordination and planning of the site activities (depending on the scope of work of the general contractor, if there is one).
  • Preparation of all necessary method statements, Inspection & Test Plans ITP, Risk Assessment and Lifting Plan/Methodology.
  • Processing site documentation including notices, correspondence, reports, submittals and "as-builts".
  • Contracts Administration.
  • Planning and Controls.
  • Management and supervision of detailed engineering work.
  • Submissions and Approvals Follow-up and expediting.
  • Scope Control, Variation, and Claims preparation.
  • Budget and Cost Control .
  • Requisitioning and expediting deliveries of materials and equipment,.
  • Inspection of materials, Equipments and pre-fabricated items at source “ before delivery” .
We recognize you have a plant to run and production is vital to your bottom line. We plan the work to minimize effects on your production schedule. We will work around the clock to help and assist in a smooth and efficient Excursion.